.NET Helps Katrina Victims

by Preston Gralla

Whatever else you may think of Microsoft, there's no disputing that Bill Gates is probably the world's foremost philanthropist, giving away billions of dollars every year from his personal fortune to countless good causes.

Microsoft is following suit to help with Katrina relief. Using .NET technology, a group of employees quickly put together the Katrina Safe Web site. The site allows anyone to type in the name, city, and phone number of someone from the area hit by Katrina, and the site will then report on the person's whereabouts, if they have been located.

At a time when families have been torn apart, and when thousands of people don't know where friends and family are, this site can be a tremendous help. In addition to the Web site, Microsoft also developed a set of related .NET applications to help relief workers in the field. For more details, check out this article from eWeek.

When looking at technology, it's easy to forget that it can be used for more than for increasing productivity, and for entertainment. It can be a life-saver as well, and bring together families -- so here's hoping that more companies follow Microsoft's lead and donate time to the relief effort.

Do you know of other technology companies helping with the Katrina relief effort? Let us know.