.NET in Flux

by Steve Anglin

.NET strategy is in flux. Windows XP Server or Windows 2002 will now be 6 months behind schedule. And Microsoft invests in Corel.

The Windows XP Server-side edition will now be called Windows 2002. This alone indicates the importance of consistent branding in a very competitive server OS environment. Along with the name change, Windows 2002 will likely be available in almost (if not) the year 2002. Microsoft says it's in response to customer and developer feedback on the available Beta releases. Perhaps, this is a sign that Microsoft is taking some of the points I made in my previous editorial weblog in regards to .NET if it is to have any success.

Microsoft invests $135 million in competitor Corel. Corel, being small, holds some importance to Microsoft. One, they offer an office suite with Word Perfect, Quattro Pro and Corel Draw for Windows and Linux. The US Dept of Justice will look very hard at this. But I really think Microsoft wants Corel to succeed in its Linux OS strategy so that the Corel Linux OS can become a part of, perhaps, the next Windows 2002 evolution. Windows 2002 may evolve in the following ways:

  • Windows flavored Linux OS (Winux?)

  • Windows with Linux kernel (similar to Mac OS X with BSD Kernel)

These could certainly improve Microsoft's current server-side market positioning. As I said, .NET is in flux for these and other reasons as the become apparent over the next 6 months. For now, .NET is much more of a vision than reality, certainly when Microsoft looks at its current server-side business model. Stay clicked.