Net Neutrality Defeated in the House

by Bruce Stewart

In a surprisingly resounding defeat, Rep. Ed Markey's Net Neutrality amendment to the new Telecom Act (COPE) was voted down last night in the U.S. House of Representatives, 269 to 152. This is clearly a big defeat for the proponents of a Net Neutrality regulation, who were seeming quite energized and gathering significant popular support in the final weeks before this vote. As usual, IP Democracy has a good report on this latest development, Jeff Pulver has a brief and depressing post that also notes that another amendment did pass which mandates the "misapplication of Access Charges and Universal Service to applications rather than the underlying transmission facilities that benefit from access charges and universal service," and Declan McCullagh has posted an interesting analysis on CNET, including a discussion of a bizarre twist on the Net Neutrality concept offered up by Rep. Charles Gonzalez.