.NET VNC Viewer for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones

by Todd Ogasawara

Related link: http://dotnetvnc.sourceforge.net/

I just read about this .NET VNC Viewer on Sourceforge and decided it try it out.
The screen image you see here shows the VNC viewer running on a Pocket PC 2003 device connected over a wireless LAN to a Linux box running VNC 4.0 and X11/IceWM.
Installing the viewer consisted of copying and pasting the EXE file while connected to my desktop PC using ActiveSync.
Then, I created a shortcut and pasted it into the Start Menu/Programs folder.
Tapping the new Programs icon brought up a familiar login window asking for the name(or IP):port location and a password prompt.
It worked pretty well in the brief period I tested it out.

Let us know about other useful Open Source applications for Microsoft Windows Mobile devices (Pocket PCs and Smartphones).


2006-02-02 00:18:43