NetBeans adopts Ruby/JRuby

by Steve Anglin

As reported by Inside Java earlier today, the NetBeans IDE platform announces support for Ruby/JRuby. It doesn't come as a suprise as Sun backs both the open source NetBeans and JRuby projects.


2007-03-05 19:52:50
Why not groovy?
2007-03-06 09:29:46
I think that Groovy/Grails may still come, but JRuby/Ruby is first as Ruby on Rails is more popular Web framework to integrate. And JRuby is doing or will be doing this soon. JRuby and NetBeans also have Sun tie-ins.

There is a concern: Groovy or Java SE 7? Some say Java SE 7 will include all that is similar to Groovy. If so, then Groovy support will be a ? in NetBeans, etc.

Can someone else closer to Java SE 7 developments detail?

john haro
2007-03-08 15:38:06
Groovy does not have the momentum that Ruby has, lets face it. JRuby is currently passing 98% of Rails's exhaustive unit tests, which means its very close to being a done deal. Jruby is integrated perfectly into NetBeans and it runs rails in JRuby by default. I'm running yesterday's Netbeans nightly build and I'm having a blast, practically rewriting all of my Rails apps just for fun.