Netsol Getting Desperate?

by Scot Hacker

I've been taking every opportunity to move domain registrations off of Network Solutions and onto Dotster. Currently trying to transfer to a new owner and a new registrar simultaneously, but to do that, I need to retrieve a password. And to do that, Netsol's password-retrieval system needs to be up and running. For a week now, I've gotten nothing but a "this service temporarily unavailable" message from them. Nor has their technical support team responded to my requests. Netsol is being trampled under its own weight and sloth by dozens of smaller, nimbler competitors. Now, it seems, they're resorting to desperation to keep people from migrating off their services.


2003-02-12 06:15:31
a more likely scenerio
Never attribute to malice what can be explained by ignorance. I suspect they are just incompetent, which would be consistent with my experience dealing with them. I've seen few companies so poorly leverage the Internet for their business.
2003-02-12 14:27:34
Experience moving registrars
I moved a number of my domains to & was amazed at how quickly the transfer took place. It was maybe two days.
2003-02-27 13:35:28 (12 Euros, about $10) is the only registrar I know of whose contract with you says that you own your domain. One participant on the Usenet newsgroup alt.www.webmaster who is also a lawyer said last week that an IP attorney he respects only recommends

I have 2 domains registered there for a couple of years, and three other people I know switched to gandi from NetworkSolutions.

There are a number of recommendations for Gandi (among other registrars) in this slashdot thread:

The old (whose URL apparently got snatched up at renewal time by some doofus registrar) rated registrars under various categories and gandi always did well, and always ranked at the top for its legal policies.