Never Thought I'd Be Describing a Macworld as Intimate

by Derrick Story

It's no coincidence that I've run into more people I know at this show than any Macworld in recent history. The fact that we're all swimming around in one corner of the Javits Center might have something to do with this phenomenon. Six degrees of separation has suddenly become none.

At first I was a little taken aback. My all day tutorial yesterday was full, and it felt like a normal Macworld gathering. Then this morning I wandered into the ballroom and saw the familiar Apple stage with one of Steve's iTunes playlists resonating from the loudspeakers. But when the show started, it was Joz, not Jobs, on stage.

Let me go on record saying that Greg Joswiak, Apple VP of Hardware, did a heck of a good job. He was personable, prepared, and his timing was excellent. I'll take Joz over Gil any day of the week.

But he had nothing to announce. I mean breaking out Soundtrack from Final Cut Pro and selling it as a standalone application doesn't really count, does it? And why put one of your best hardware guys on the stage and not let him announce any metal? Even a minor rev would have been nice.

Don't get me wrong. I very much enjoyed the presentation. And even though I had already seen most of the demos at WWDC, I can appreciate a well-choreographed show. But, I think one teeny-weeny noteworthy announcement would have been a nice way for Joz to introduce himself to the East Coast Mac universe. Apple should have helped him out here and let him bring a little present to the party. I mean... when I go over to friend's house for dinner, I bring a bottle of wine. You know?

As for the Expo floor. Yes, it's small, but it's happening. O'Reilly didn't pull out when the change to CreativePro was announced, and my guess is that we're going to be delighted that we didn't. We have the likes of Canon and Epson around us, and we're having a ball.

Plus, I'm having great conversations with long lost friends, peers from other cities, and Mac DevCenter readers. Who ever thought that I'd say that Macworld is an intimate show. But this summer it is. And I'm really happy to be here.


2003-07-17 06:44:18
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