New Aperture Plugin for Pictage Photogs

by Micah Walter


Today I am very pleased and excited to announce the release of the Aperture To Pictage Plug-in. Why am I so excited about this plugin? Well, mostly because I wrote it myself! Yes, it is true, this photographer/writer is also a /programmer.

The Aperture To Pictage Plug-in allows Pictage photographers to easily and seamlessly upload their images to Pictage’s web service. The plugin has a number of cool features including background uploading of your images (man was that interesting to write) as well as a system of key-wording that will allow photographers the ability to organize their images into Pictage categories for easier sorting and viewing on their site. And, the plugin also offers users the ability to select an existing event from their studio, or create a new one right from within the plugin itself.

At the moment the plugin is in Beta testing form. If you would like to try it, you will first need to set yourself up with a Pictage account and then follow this link to download the plugin.

If you are already a Pictage photographer, you can give it a try right away, and please be sure to click the "Send Us Your Feedback" link so we can fix any bugs you may run into.

In addition to announcing the plugin today, I am also happy to say that I will be attending this years PhotoPLUS Expo in New York City. If you are in the area and attending the show, be sure to stop by and say hello at the AUPN booth where I will be stationed most of the time. On the Saturday of PPE (October 20th) I will be giving a brief presentation having to do with Aperture and the new Pictage plug-in over at the Pictage booth, so feel free to stop by there and check me out. I will be blogging from the show here and at my personal website at Micah, so be sure to add my RSS feed and check back often.

Man, writing the plugin was really exhausting. I have to hand it to the software engineers at Apple and to all the plugin-writers out there in the world. They really do some amazing stuff for us photographers. The Pictage plugin was a big step for me, and I am looking forward to helping it grow into a more refined and useful tool. In a little while I will be adding the plugin to the list over at Aperture Plugged In and at AUPN, so if you want to keep up on the latest updates, you will know where to look.


2007-09-28 15:59:33
Wow, background upload! Man, if only you made a smugmug plugin.....
2007-09-29 04:21:22
Doesn't Pictage already have a plugin?
2007-09-29 05:32:29
Yes it did, this reaplces the old one. The old one basically exported your images to disk and then you had to use their DEC java client to upload the images...