New at LinuxWorld Boston

by Greg Corrin

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This years' show in Boston came to a close last night. According to IDG, 7000 people came through the Hynes convention center - their book of choice was definitely the new release of Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition. One of the authors, Jonathan Corbet, gave a standing room only talk on Wednesday.

Other standing room crowds were for talks by David Allen on Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit, and Jay Beale's presentation on Snort 2.1 Intrusion Detection, Second Edition.

The guys from MakingThings
were also on hand to talk about the cool things you can do with Teleo. Instructions for theirs and other Happy Fun Hardware Hacking Projects are included in the first issue of Make magazine.

Even though the weather was not a big factor this year, next year's LinuxWorld East is moving to spring. It will be at the new Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from April 3-6.