New bank accounts

by brian d foy

My new Washington Mutual online banking account doesn't work with FireFox. It works fine with Safari, fortunately, or I might have had to close the account. There is no way I'm using Internet Explorer.

But, I never even thought to ask this. My accounts at Citibank and First Internet Bank of Indiana work just fine with Firefox.

Is there any chart of which browsers work with which banks? Or, more importantly, which ones don't work?


2004-09-27 15:02:42
My Wachovia online banking works with Firefox, but not Safari completely. Part of the site works OK in Safari, but certain parts don't work (the Online Banking works - to see balance and stuff, but the Online Bill Pay doesn't)

I just have to use FireFox to do the BillPay stuff. Why do you think there are so many sites that don't play nice with Safari? Don't people realize that more Mac users are surfing with Safari probably than with IE? Who knows.


2004-09-27 15:58:49
Interesting... I can access my Washington Mutual account with Firefox 0.8 on the Mac. I'll have to try it at home (0.9 on XP) to see if it works. Anything specific that isn't working?
2004-09-27 16:10:58
I'm using the Firefox Preview Release. Nothing on the website works. I couldn't even sign-up for the service because the form couldn't submit itself.
2004-09-28 07:15:04
Why don't more work with Safari?
That's easy. Most banks don't consider that their customers are using Macs. Banks are almost entirely PC and terminal based...

2004-09-28 07:22:02
I have had various troubles with services (including my DSL subscriber pages) that didn't work with Firefox.

The ones that I hate the most are those that dismiss the browser out of kind (ie, an error message that says you must have this and this browser to even attempt to look at this site and then blocks further progress). At the very least they should have a button that says "I know, I know, but I like this one better and I will take my chances, please let me proceed). In those cases I fired up an useragent extension or hack it into the prefs of firefox and head back to the site. If they let me in, I then complain like hell that it is asinine that I can use the exact same browser with a different user-agent string to access the site, but they block it if it reports its true nature.

I also point to the firefox press pages AND I point out all the security vulnerabilities in IE that expose them and their customers to harm.

Usually, I get good responses. I have had two Credit Unions and my DSL provider change their code to allow firefox. One of the Credit union techs actually thanked me for turning him on to Firefox (that he didn't know about it already kind of scared me, but oh well).

2004-09-28 09:01:29
It's kinda irritating that Safari has these incompatibilities. I know, Apple says it's everybody else that's incompatible with Safari, but that seems to me to miss the point.
2004-09-28 09:49:08
Union Bank of California
I've been a Union Bank of California customer for a long time, and their online banking site has worked with every browser I've ever used except BeOS's NetPositive.
2004-09-28 09:51:18
huh - he said it didn't work with firefox. how is that a safari incompatibility?
2004-09-28 10:21:50
Incidentally, that's how the Bellsouth site works: It warns you that it isn't compatible with the browser, but allows you to continue. And I had no problems using the site with Firefox despite the warning (which is a little annoying, because a JavaScript alert is opened for EACH page).

Funny thing is, with all the security problems with IE, banking sites are probably the LAST ones you'd want to access with that browser.

2004-09-28 10:27:53
I think he's talking about other banks, in general. Some banks are pretty clueful, so most broswers work with them. Other banks have a mish-mash of compatibility, mostly from the particular Javascript stuff they let the developers use.