New BioPerl 1.2 ToolKit Release

by Aaron Mackey

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After 6 months of hard work by many BioPerl team members, head BioPerl'er Ewan Birney has coordinated the latest stable 1.2 release. This is an important upgrade because it reimplements access to various NCBI Entrez database resources using their new EUtils system.

Here's the relevant highlights from the release note:

  • The Bio::Perl module, which flattens the learning curve for newcomers has been extended and improved

  • Documentation resources have been updated and there is more of focus on making sure the documentation is consistent across the package

  • Access to the Entrez system at NCBI over http: now uses the EUtils system and is more robust

  • The SearchIO system for parsing search results (BLAST, HMMER and the like) has had many minor fixes, meaning that it is more useful in production environments

  • The Bio::Graphics system has had a number of small improvements, including alignment viewing

  • There is documentation on Windows installation

What's missing from the latest BioPerl toolkit release?