New book on Enterprise Service Bus released

by David A. Chappell

At long last, my latest book on the subject of "Enterprise Service Bus" has hit the shelves.

Actually, it was officially released at JavaOne last week. There were hot-off-the-press copies of it being sold at the onsite DigitalGuru bookstore. For the first two days it was on the top 12 bestseller list at the show. Sonic Software also raffled off a few copies as a promotional thing. However, it hasn't really become available in book stores until this week.

This book is the first in a new "Enterprise Series" that is targeted at architects. The content is loaded with discussion of the architectural concepts that make up an ESB, including lots of diagrams and integration patterns.

More information on the book (and about ESB) can be found at the foloowing links:
Amazon -

O'Reilly -

Sonic Software (this includes a TOC) -

And BTW, those are eggs on the cover, not beachstones ;)