New Car Guide for Cellphone Users

by Moshe Yudkowsky

I've just purchased a new car, and since this happened while I was deeply immersed in all things telephony the car-buying process came as quite a cultural shock. Automobile purchases remain profoundly different than the purchase of a cellular phone; as a public service to our readers who might encounter this amazing process, here's a brief guide.


Roger Nolan
2007-01-03 05:10:47
Nice comparison. Of course, the car insurance companies would have some concerns about driving your new car from the UK to France where Vodafone practically encourage you to take your phone everywhere.
Bruce Stewart
2007-01-03 10:34:50
Very humorous post, I was laughing out loud by the end. I'm not sure how long all of these distinctions will last though, I assume you've seen this recent news about a Ford and Microsoft parntership...
2008-03-01 08:06:37
Road travel is almost always free.

Well, only if you ignore the taxes on your vehicle, your gasoline, your personal property, your income, etc that paid for the road whether you use it or not.