New Daily WTF site

by brian d foy

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I've had a lot of fun reading "The Daily WTF?". It's a daily affirmation that I'm not the only one who boggles at the code I have to maintain. It recently got a big infrastructure boost, leading to my own "WTF?".

The announcement for the new site says

After reading that SQL Server was out of my price range, Raymond Chen and some of the other wonderful folks at Microsoft chipped in to buy SBS03 (which of course includes the SQL Server software required to power the site on a new server).

WTF? Raymond Chen and other Microsofties had to buy SBS03? I would have thought that they could have pulled one off the shelf and sent it for free. What's up with that?

That wasn't my first WTF? with this announcement though. They didn't have the money to upgrade, so why not switch to something that gets rid of the problem? Not everyone has to use my favorite free operating system or database server because there are plenty out there. Even if you want to keep using Windows, you can use some of the free database servers.

Other than that, though, it's a fun daily read, no matter what they have under the hood.