New Donkey Kong Record Set -- Fans go bananas!

by Kevin Bedell

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Steven Wiebe is the new King of the Jungle among Donkey Kong gamers.

With a score of 947,200, he demolished the old record of 879,200. Now that's something to beat your chest about!

Think of the tricks he must know. It takes real ingenuity and creativity to think all those moves up. The tricks he knows must've taken years to figure out.

"Donkey Kong Hacks" would be the perfect vehicle to capture all that expert knowledge. It's perfectly in line with the rest of the series - tips and tricks from seasoned experts.

Can I preorder mine? Wonder if I can get it autographed?


2003-07-17 19:47:35
Yeah Donkey Kong rocks
20 years or so and still rockin', old skool games are cool and im glad that people still care >L:)
2003-09-11 06:11:57
Yeah Donkey Kong rocks
donkey kong still one of the best games out.
i have only managed to get around 300 000,and i thought that was good.

madblokeything (35 young)
from cleethorpes arcades heaven