New FOSS in government site: Government Forge

by Todd Ogasawara

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Government Forge is a new website that appears to be an offshoot of the SourceForge Leopard project. Its stated mission is:

...providing free and open source software to state and local governments. This site owes its inspiration to School Forge. Our primary objective involves providing a place for you to find and download software for use in your organization. By facilitating the use of standards based products we hope to eliminate duplication of efforts and costly licensing fees while encouraging innovation at the state and local level.

Those interested in Open Source projects in Government settings may also want to drop by my Open Source in Government blog site

Have you used Government Forge? Thoughts? Opinions?


2003-08-26 21:57:09
Project leopard
I understand that Project leopard ( resulted from Government Forge.

You might also discover that leopard is the only LAMP project which strives to deliver a distribution neutral suite. Someone can download it and it installs everything the user needs without having to add components separately.

2003-08-27 18:23:39
Project leopard
I took a look at the Leopard project page. However, I am still not clear on what exactly the project hopes to deliver. Can you shed some light on the subject for me and others (since I also couldn't find contact information)?

We've had good results using Zope to quickly build sites in a State government setting.