New: FREE ON iTunes Page

by Erica Sadun

Subject says it all. You'll find it here. (Note: The link is not yet working as the iTunes store gets updated. You can find the FREE ON iTunes link on the main iTunes store page.) Update: link should now be fixed.


2006-09-12 20:15:19
Link doesn't work for me... Yields a page of html text on Safari.
Erica Sadun
2006-09-12 20:20:33
Give it another try. It's working for me.
2006-09-12 22:54:11
The downloads don't work with every Store (at least the Spain store says the downloads aren't available when you try to actually download them)
Erica Sadun
2006-09-12 22:55:29
US store only I believe. Sorry!
Adam Lipkin
2006-09-13 07:18:26
Thanks for posting this, Erica. One note -- it's not complete, as at least one freebie (the pilot episode of Three Moons Over Millford) isn't listed. Not sure why Apple wants to hide that one (and others, I'm sure).
Erica Sadun
2006-09-13 07:21:30
It's mostly because the Three Moons thing is so "yesterday". They're using the page for promotion of new stuff. The fact that the pilot didn't time out is beside the point. There are actually quite a few older free items (the season 2 Battlestar overview comes to mind) that are still free.
2007-01-09 11:20:15
how do you download the new itunes 7.0 without paying for it
2007-03-16 01:20:54
The iTunes page has the featured free downloads, but for a complete list of all the free stuff available on iTunes, check out -- there are even updates by RSS and email.