New Home for O'Reilly Bloggers

by Derrick Story

Weblogs are a growing part of O'Reilly Network content. We have
more than 80 bloggers who take turns publishing interesting
items every day. Currently, our weblogs account for more than
one-tenth of overall page traffic throughout the Network, and
that includes our domain sites such as ONJava, ONLamp, and Mac
, plus forums, search results, and other tallied pages.

Clearly, the time had come to create a new home for this flowing
stream of topical information, and that's exactly what we did.
Now, at, you can quickly peruse top 'blogs
from the last month (who's hot and who's... well you know), descriptions about our active contributors,
and a topics list that helps you quickly pinpoint content in the
areas that you find most interesting.

We'll continue to list the latest weblogs on the O'Reilly Network
home page, as well as throughout the site, but now when you click
on the Weblogs heading, or the More weblogs link, you'll be
greeted with our new home for bloggers.


2003-03-06 07:43:01
And did you notice the TrackBack beta?
In the upper right corner of our new weblog page, where we have the Print, Email, and Discuss links, we've also added a beta version of TrackBacks, a system that allows peer-to-peer communication and conversations between weblogs. You can read about TrackBacks over at the Movable Type site.
2003-03-06 08:11:55
What's the rss URL?
If I wanted to subscribe to via NetNewsWire, what's the URL?
2003-03-06 10:37:40
Great to see all that bloggy goodness.

What are the URLs for the RSS of the weblogs?

I couldn't find a link anywhere either as an XML gif or as a Link in the source.

2003-03-07 08:21:54
The RSS URL for weblogs in general is:

And we've added the XML gif to the main weblogs page. You can also get a URL for each author from their individual posts and author pages.

2003-03-07 08:24:13
What's the rss URL?
The RSS URL is:

(You should see the orange XML icon also now, which links to that, on the weblogs home page).