New ht://Dig (htdig) release

by Michael(tm) Smith

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First release in 7 months of this powerful free software
system for indexing and searching contents of a Web site or intranet site.

The release includes a bunch of bugs, along with a few enhancements. This is a release from the 3.2 "beta" branch of the project, but the release announcements says, "we consider it stable enough for most production use." And in my experience using previous releases from the branch, it is very stable -- I've never run into any significant problems with it.

If you find yourself wanting or needing to set up a search engine for content on your Web site or intranet site, and you've not yet taken a look at ht://Dig, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. The project Web site has a list of some of the features it provides. (That list isn't up to date, though. It doesn't mention, for example, that it's possible to index PDF content or MS Word files with 3.2.x versions of ht://Dig. And there are some other significant features that aren't listed there.)

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