New iBooks, Power Mac G5

by Giles Turnbull

As widely predicted, Apple today announced some hardware updates.

The new iBook G4 models come with AirPort Extreme built-in, a welcome upgrade for many users, and something Apple was criticised for not including in the flat panel iMac G5 earlier this year.

The small 12" screen version runs at 1.2GHz, with a 30GB hard disk and Combo optical drive. There are two 14" models, both running at 1.33GHz and with 60GB disks. One has a Combo drive, one a Superdrive.

A reasonable set of new specs, in all. Nothing too striking, but enough to keep the machines competitive. The inclusion of wireless connectivity is probably going to be one of the most popular new features for buyers, especially those choosing between Apple and Wintel for the first time. Bringing the bottom-end price tag below $1,000 once again also makes a difference to consumers, conscious that they are paying a premium for Apple hardware.

In another announcement, there's a new Power Mac G5 model, boasting a single 1.8GHz processor; it is being offered alongside the dual processor model for the time being.

Looking good? Will you splash out for a new iBook, or hang on for the next round of PowerBook updates?


2004-10-19 11:35:32
New Powerbook
I just sprung for a new 17" Powerbook this weekend, so I almost expected to see a speed bump or upgrade to the Powerbooks this week. I'm hoping the iBook speed bump will postpose the Powerbook one by a few weeks so I won't feel so bad when the inevitable happens.
2004-10-19 14:09:18
New Powerbook
An all-too-familiar conundrum. No matter how many computers you buy, the feeling of "damn! I should have waited a few months" never really goes away...
2004-10-20 06:10:21
New Powerbook
Feel better! According to MacCentral, no PowerBooks are due before the holidays. I'd guess January at the earliest.