New iPod and iTunes Software Released

by James Duncan Davidson

At MacWorld Tokyo, Apple announced availability of a new iPod that can store 10GB of music. Even better for those of us that already bought iPods, there is new iPod (1.1) and iTunes (2.0.4) software available.

The two new features that I notice are the new contact application and the ability to "scrub" (rewind and fast forward) in a track while it is playing.

The contact feature in the iPod software is nicely done and works with industry standard VCF files. Apple also provides a couple of scripts that will import your contacts from Entourage or OS X's Address Book. You can also just drag VCF files (or addresses from either Entourage or Address Book) directly to the Contacts folder on your iPod. The only real advantage to using the scripts is the ability to sort your contacts by last name.

The new iTunes software simply adds expanded AppleScript support and claims to have better performance and stability.

Neither piece of software has adequately addressed my long standing complaints about gaps that occur between tracks that contain continuous tracks of music. iTunes' ability to have a 0 second crossfade almost eliminates the problem, but falls a bit short. In music with a steady beat, it sounds as if somebody walked up to a turntable and bumped it.