New iPods

by Hadley Stern

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The much discussed Bluetooth capability is missing but the good news is you get more for less.

The iPod mini is now available in a 6GB size for the same price as the (now) old 4GB model, $249. And for $199 you can pick up the 4GB model. The only other change appears to be the dropping of the gold iPod mini.

The other changes appear in the iPod Photo line. Apple is pricing these models much more aggressively, at $349 for the 30GB model. The 60GB model has dropped down to $449, $150 less than the price yesterday which is quite a significant drop.

The most interesting new item to appear is a cable (available in late-March) that will allow users to connect their digital cameras directly to the iPod Photo to transfer images. Belkin must be unhappy, but this is good news for digital photographers.

Are you going to get the new iPods?