New O'Reilly Java Books

by Steve Anglin

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The following are new and upcoming Java books from O'Reilly & Associates.

Java Data Objects (April)

Java Data Objects written by the JDO Specification Lead and one of the key contributors to the JDO Specification, is the definitive work on the JDO API. It gives you a thorough introduction to JDO, starting with a simple application that demonstrates many of JDO's capabilities. It shows you how to make classes persistent, how JDO maps persistent classes to the database, how to configure JDO at runtime, how to perform transactions, and how to make queries. More advanced chapters cover optional features such as nontransactional access and optimistic transactions. The book concludes by discussing the use of JDO in web applications and J2EE environments. Whether you only want to read up on an interesting new technology, or are seriously considering an alternative to JDBC or EJB CMP, you'll find that this book is essential.

Mac OS X for Java Geeks (April)

Mac OS X for Java Geeks delivers a complete and detailed look at the Mac OS X platform, geared specifically at Java developers. Programmers using the 10.2 (Jaguar) release of Mac OS X, and the new JDK 1.4, have unprecedented new functionality available to them. Whether you are a Java newbie, working your way through Java Swing and classpath issues, or you are a Java guru, comfortable with digital media, reflection, and J2EE, this book will teach you how to get around on Mac OS X.

Java Database Best Practices (May)

Unlike other books on this topic, which focus on a single way to do things, Java Database Best Practices takes you through a wide variety of different ways to store and access data, enabling you to learn which "persistence model" is most appropriate for each type of application. This unique book covers Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Data Objects, the Java Database Connectivity API (JDBC) and other, lesser-known options.

Head First Java (May)

The latest research in cognitive science, neurobiology, and educational psychology shows that learning at the deeper levels takes a lot more than text on a page. Actively combining words and pictures not only helps in understanding the subject, but in remembering it. Head First Java puts these theories into practice using mind stretching exercises, memorable analogies, and stories, which are used to drive home key points and make ideas come alive.

Jakarta Struts Pocket Reference (June)

The Jakarta Struts Pocket Reference gives you an inside track on getting Struts installed, configured, and running smoothly in your enterprise. This book, an essential companion to O'Reilly's Programming Jakarta Struts, provides detailed coverage of every Struts JSP tag, the Struts configuration files and directives, built-in actions, and a wealth of other resources.

What do you think about this selection of books for 2nd quarter; and what would you like to see in the coming months from O'Reilly?


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