New Programming Series on Mac DevCenter

by Derrick Story

Starting on Friday, Jan. 20, I'll begin publishing a series of programming tutorials on Mac DevCenter. The first piece, by Martin Redington, covers adding a new style Preferences window to your application. It's a two-part tutorial. The second installment will run the following Friday.

The week after that, I'll publish a piece on PackageMaker by Shelley Weiner. She's working on additional tutorials covering FileMerge and Property List Editor. In the meantime, Martin will be working on tutorials that will be integrated with Shelley's pieces.

I hoping to be able to publish a new tutorial from this new developer series every Friday for a couple months. Along the way, I have lots of great stuff that I'll continue to run on Tuesdays. It's going to be a fun start to the year on Mac DevCenter.

If you have topics you'd like us to cover in this programming series, going ahead and post them in the talkbacks below. We'll see what we can do...


2006-01-19 09:09:01
Recorable app example
Making an app recordable involves factoring the UI so that it sends apple events to itself. Intercepting these apple events is what then allows an app to be recordable.

At least, that's how I understand it, since I have never found this in any Cocoa programming book or (in any detail) on the web. A great example would be a simple program written the "usual" way and then refactored to make it recordable. It's an advanced topic, but it would fill a void where no information is currently available.

2006-01-19 10:54:26
A programmer-oriented introduction to application scripting principles?
In a similar, if not as advanced, vein...

Perhaps a programmer-oriented explanation of general application scripting principles would be useful? I think it's an area that's often misunderstood, mistaken for object-oriented technologies such as DOM whereas it's really a mix of procedural, OO and (most significantly) relational programming concepts - something that has important implications for both users and implementors.

A clear, concise, technical discussion of the principles involved that clears up such misconceptions and isn't afraid to use phrases like 'query object' and 'one-to-many relationships' in doing so could be useful to many application developers, and probably a few users as well.


p.s. The following pdf provides good background:

2006-01-19 14:34:35
I am super interested in seeing a nice example using coredata. I would like to see the eomodeling with IB and within the code inserts, updates, deletes, and truncations. Oh and selects and joins.

Also a nice rundown of the classes associated. I just can't make heads or tails out of the apple documentation.

2006-03-30 18:09:07
CoreData examples !!! I have read and re-read all of Apples Docs and find very little on programmatically creating and accessing Entities. I want to know how to do it with out a GUI and bindings. I want to read in a data file and parse it into a coredata file.