New Ruby Web Site is Officially Launched

by Curt Hibbs

It took 18 months from inception, a lot of hard work from volunteers (and it almost died a couple times), but the new and completely revamped Ruby web site is now live (there is also a Japanese version)!. There is a page on the new web site that acknowledges the hard work from the primary contributors, you can find it here .

There were many people who made significant contributions towards making the new Ruby web site a reality, and I don't mean to marginalize their efforts. But I do think that two people deserve special recognition because without them the whole effort might have either died or been delayed another year.

I'd like to give special thanks to John Long. John took a couple months out of his life to work fulltime (without pay) on implementing the design that had been hammered out in the previous months. During this time John wrote the Radiant CMS (in Ruby on Rails) specifically for the Ruby web site, and then open sourced the project. If not for John's willingness to do this, the whole project could easily have died from neglect.

After John had finished implementing the new Ruby web site, there was still the unglamorous task of converting all of the content from the old site, and then rewriting and reorganizing much of it. I want to give special thanks to James Edward Gray II for stepping up and managing this process (he actually did a large percentage of the work, as well). Without James, it could easily have taken another year to get the content in shape.

Please go read the announcement page to see who else was instrumental in this effort.

Finally, I'd like to thank Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto and Shugo Maeda for having enough faith in us in the beginning to tell us that "if we build it, they would come"!


2006-09-12 12:19:50
Congratulations to Curt and the team. You guys are awesome.
John Tomlinson
2006-09-18 05:15:47
It's a nice design, well done!