New survey: what problems do you have when searching for information?

by Andy Oram

The next time you have to search for information on any topic, try recording your efforts in a survey I've just put up:

Easy searches usually aren't interesting, so I'm seeking submissions just about searches that covered three or more documents (besides search engines). Relevant searches can be done online, using print media, or both--and even other media such as radio or film.


2007-12-03 08:47:57
web search releated to technical documentation are quite satisfactory, the limit is in marketing releated search.
Infact when I use a search engine looking for new customers or prospect in a detailed business field the result is unsatisfactory.
During my research operations I need to mix two search parameters application and city example "hydraulics power units" and "Washington", and the result is always something uneuseful. So I need to move to yellow pages (old tecnology) where is impossible to get a very focused automatic search.