New User Agreement for iTunes Music Store

by brian d foy

iTunes Music Store apparently has a new user agreement, and it seems more generous than the old one. I wish I had saved a picture of the screen, because I only remember these new terms, which is about half of the items the new agreement listed.

  • Publish via iMix (which I have not seen yet).
  • Authorize up to 5 computers, up from 3
  • Unlimited CD burning, with the odd disclaimer that any playlist can be burned 7 times

This may be connected to the rumored, imminent release of iTunes 4.5 and its bevy of new features.

Did anyone bother to read the new agreement before they went back to searching for 80s music?


2004-04-28 14:49:07
CD Burning
This isn't new; it used to limit it to 10 burns of the same playlist, now it is 7, because the record companies thought 10 was too many. To burn more after the 7 times, you need to change the playlist.

This only applies, of course, to music purchased from iTMS.

2004-04-30 17:45:29
CD Burning
That's what I thought, but the screen listed it as a new thingy, probably because they lowered the number of times you could burn a playlist.

I have yet to burn a playlist, and probably won't for a while since my CD burner died. I'm curious if one could just burn a CD then reimport it to remove any Music Store restrictions. Not that it matters that much to me---I've only authorized one computer and never burnt any of that music. :)