New Year, new discoveries

by Giles Turnbull

I was doing some post-New-Year browsing on the infonets and hey, look what I found:

Scale to Email -- an Applescript that scales down images dropped on it, and sticks them on the end of a new message in Apple Mail, all ready for emailing to froonds and fimilies. (There are some other scripts available from the site; readers who speak German, or are interested enough to run the page through the Babelfish will no doubt discover more interesting stuff.)

FinderPal -- a palette of useful Finder-related controls. When I first saw this I was somewhat dubious - after all, what are keyboard shortcuts and the Finder toolbar for? But having looked at the available features in detail, I can see how this might come in useful. And it is, as its creator is at pains to point out, very cheap.

Personal Aide -- a tool for linking files together in projects. Say you have an existing, working way of organizing your stuff on your hard disk. But a project comes along that demands you organize files in a different way, and you don't want to break your tried-and-tested system, or spend hours maintaining aliases. Personal Aide can help you create a list of files, no matter how they're arranged in the Finder. A bit like an iTunes playlist. Musicians: look at the Perfect Pitch app on the same page. Play a note at it, and it'll tell you what note it is. Ooooooh.

Juristudents -- a note-taker, outliner and semi-database tool for law students. Niche, but sometimes that can be a good thing.

Goombah -- a curious little app that takes your iTunes database, shares it around with some other folks, and delivers back to you a list of suggested songs you might like. The idea sounds great; the desolate emptiness of the site's "blogs" section suggests it has yet to achieve critical mass.

You've probably found something even more fun. Do tell the rest of us about it.