News Aggregation for OSXCON's RSS Newbies

by Steve Mallett

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In my second 'ode to OSXCON' blog I'd like to show off a little app to introduce newbies to news-feeds. That's RSS, etc, to you alpha-geeks.

No doubt you attendees are hearing much abuzz about blogging, news feeds, and references to RSS or RDF. Well, for those of you who like to get your news the old fashioned way (non-alpha way perhaps is better), but would like to find out what this news-feed and RSS thing is all about I recommend a wonderful application called Buddy.

Like a faithful pet, Buddy (Buddy's logo is a dog) will "fetch" news headlines via RSS and RDF & put all the news that's fit to print into a lovely newspaper style looks like a newspaper.

Don't feel that this is a less than respectable entry to the news-feed world though. This interface is a neat-o idea for news-feed veterens too!

Wishing I was there,