News at the iTMS

by Erica Sadun

Free Videos
iTunes' just-built page listing all the current free video offerings. Nifty!

A&E added to iTMS
Shows include Inked, Criss Angel Mindfreak, Driving Force.

Biography added to iTMS
Shows include Notorious, Great Women, Great Leaders and Great Inventions.

History Channel added to iTMS
Shows include Modern Marvels, Digging for the Truth and my husband's absolute favorite The Revolution.

NBA TV added to itMS
Not quite a whole channel lineup yet. the only show so far is the USA Basketball World Tour.

One final question: Why can't I buy a copy of "Chico Time" at the US Store? Can we Americans not experience the splendor of that which is Chico? And isn't a new Chico single due out today?