Next Two Weeks Critical for the Mac OS X Conference

by Derrick Story

If you're a Mac DevCenter reader, you've probably noticed that I posted the Call for Participation for our Mac OS X Conference. Your response over the next couple weeks will have a tremendous impact on this year's event.

Why? It works like this. Within O'Reilly we agree upon our vision for the show. This year we see programming, scripting, enterprise computing, system administration, academic environment, digital music, and an insanely great Mac track (which includes everything from home automation, to mobility to digital video, to research, and beyond).

How you, the expert in your field, responds to our call is what actually shapes the conference. Because so many things have to happen early in the process, such as launching the registration site, creating the brochures, etc, those who respond early to our call have the greatest amount of influence on the event.

We're all so damned busy these days; we tend to wait until the deadline is upon us before we act. I'm asking you to act now to create an amazing event in October.

Some of you have already submitted talks. Thank you. I've been thrilled by the topics.

If you haven't submitted yet, but know you want to help shape this year's conference, please do get your proposal in within the next two weeks. It only takes a few minutes to complete the online form, but those few minutes could have a profound impact on what happens in October.

If you have any comments, please post a TalkBack below, or feel free to write me directly. I'm this year's program chair.