Next Week at SDForum: Focus on Privacy

by William Grosso

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Next week, SDForum is putting on two talks related to privacy.
First, on Tuesday, the
Emerging Technology SIG will feature Florian Pestoni (from IBM) who will give an overview of Digital Rights management. Then, on Wednesday, the Security SIG will feature Seth Schoen, from the EFF, giving an overview of Palladium followed by Whitfield Diffie talking about the field of information security.

I'm very proud of what we're doing, and I hope you find the time to stop by.


2003-11-07 07:53:39
Call me PARANOID, but I do not allow for cookies unless I have a reason to allow for it. When I have a userid with a site I have..

The SDFORUM does not allow not having cookies. With respect, I am interesred in their message but for having cookies I have to know the site first.


2003-11-07 07:58:57
Cookies encore
I removed the cookies not allowed flag and, the site is still insisting that I do not allow for cookies..