Nice View...

by Steve Simon

One of the ways I have increased my speed and efficiency working with Aperture was to learn a few layout shortcuts that kicked my workflow into high gear. This is particularly important if you're an Aperture laptop user, which many, if not most of us are. I dream of a two screen set-up and I will edit my work that way someday, but for now these layout shortcuts will make you forget you're not working on a 30-inch monitor.

Basic View.jpg
Apple>Option>S gives you the basic view.

Basic View with Adjustments.jpg
Control D lets you toggle the Metadata panel, Control A for the Adjustments panel as part of the browser. Play with all these short cut keys and you'll know them.

Apple Option B.jpg
Apple Option B gives you a browser showing all your images in that project or album.

Apple option v.jpg
Apple Option V maximizes your browser, even the projects panel goes away. To bring it back, press the W key. Toggle it and see what happens.

F key.jpg
Of course the F key takes you to a favorite place for most Aperture users: Full Screen Mode. Of course you can move the filmstrip around, placing it on the side for verticals and on the bottom for horizontal views. In the bottom left corner is the Viewer Mode Button. If you activate "Auto" the filmstrip disappears unless you roll the cursor over it. "Avoid" means the image won't be cut off by the filmstrip, but instead re-sizes itself to show the whole image. Very cool.

Playing around with the browser short cut keys will get you moving swiftly through your images with Aperture. Much more to come on speeding up workflow...


Greg Furry
2007-06-14 13:00:07
How do you make the film stip go away? I never use it and wish I could just turn it off.
2007-06-14 13:13:14
Ctrl-A and Ctrl-D do not toggle the HUDS. They toggle the panels that anchor to the right of window. The adjustments HUD is toggled with "h". I wish there were a metadata HUD.
Francois Couderc
2007-06-14 15:47:23
one more article about interface shortcuts...zzzzzzzz......
2007-06-14 19:23:18
This are the kind of article I find useful.
2007-06-14 23:00:07
greg, do you mean in fullscreen?, you can do that by switching to auto or avoid under the monitor looking button
2007-06-14 23:06:58
"`" and "F" are probably my most oft-used shortcuts.

So many shortcuts, so little, um, memory. in my head, that is.

2007-06-15 02:09:58
Thanks so much! Very, very helpful. Keep 'em coming!
2007-06-15 11:56:49
It's Control A for the adjustments panel and Control D for the metadata panel; you got them reversed in your article.
Steve Simon
2007-06-17 19:34:50
Thanks guys-- a little hasty putting together this on the road post--made the corrections.