Nifty Things

by Erica Sadun

Nike/iPod Sensor Photos [Tewks]
Someone cracked open their Nike sensor sneakers and has the pictures.

iMovie Rentals? [ThinkSecret]
And now for something completely different: movie rentals through the iTunes Music Store? ThinkSecret reports this "represents a coup for the movie industry, which will have succeeded in standing its ground against Apple's pressures to offer consumers the option of owning movie downloads."

Safari Enhancers [5ThirtyOne]
Still using Safari? Be proud. It's not just a Firefox world. Derek Punsalan offers a great case for Safari on his 5ThirtyOne blog, noting its terrific load time, page rendering and extensibility. Pop over to read an excellent round-up of free or nearly-free Safari enhancers. They range from David Watanabe's Inquisitor, a Safari extension that adds live search and keyword suggestions, to Hao Li's Saft, which adds ad-blocking, keyboard shortcuts and a session saver, to the OmniWeb-like sidebar of SafariStand. Punsalan may not convince you to switch back permanently to Safari, but he may entice you to discover some great new features that you weren't aware of.

Yet another "I I Dropped It and Now It Works" iPod Story [SpillingCoffee]
Today's "I thumped my iPod" story comes courtesy of the Spilling Coffee blog. Author "Tom Coffee" relates his encounter with a sad-face iPod, a lot of googling and the standard "thump-it" advice: "I couldn't quite bring myself to dropping my $300 iPod to the hard tile floor on the off chance that it would spin or wobble on the way down so I did the next best thing: I held it and slammed it onto a pad of paper on my desk (providing some cushion so I didn't crack the case), charging port down. And like mana falling from heaven, the tunes started playing." This weblog does not officially endorse dropping, slamming, pounding, thumping or any other percussion-based iPod repairs.

Surveys Reveal Podcast Special Interests
According to CNet's, and dominate the podcasting world, according to the number of visitors to their respective podcast sites. Nielsen/NetRatings have been tracking podcast popularity recently with surprising results. Did you know that more podcast listeners download their content using Safari than any other browser? This demonstrates yet again a strong Apple-centric tinge to the overall podcasting world.

iPod firmware reveals iPhone/iMessenger clues [AppleInsider]
Quoting: 'While Apple has been relatively mum on any plans for iPod-branded cell phone, the latest iPod software includes references to an "t_feature_app_PHONE_APP" application and variables such as "kPhoneSignalStrength," "clPhoneCallHistoryModel," prPhoneSettingsMenu," "prPhoneSettingsMenuView," prPhoneEnableSetting" and "prPhoneMenuItem."' Want to search for yourself? Grab a copy of the latest update and issue the strings command from the Unix command line interface: cd /Library/Packages/iPod2006-06-28.pkg/Contents and then strings Archive.pax | grep -i phone or strings Archive.pax | grep -i movie, etc.


Small Paul
2006-07-18 14:27:50
I personally like the idea of digital movie rentals. I already use Amazon's DVD rental service in the UK, and I'd be delighted to switch discs (which are sometimes scratched) for downloads, as long as the price and usage terms were reasonable. I don't have enough hard drive space to store a bunch of downloaded movies in any case.
Small Paul
2006-07-18 14:29:19
Oh, but there's no way they'd announce this at WWDC. What's it got to do with developers?