NIH alert? Swing Application Framework and XML

by Rick Jelliffe

A welcome initiative from the Swing boys is the start of a community project JSR 296, a simple Swing Application Framework.

Han's Muller's presentation on this at Java One recently mentions its goal of simplicity, including in that design decision that there should be "no GUI definition schema". But looking at the examples, we see something called a ResourceMap that chains together properties and resources. The result as far as I can see is a hierarchical-name text format that allows declaration of properties in groups. Err, isnt this also what XML syntax can be used for?

Why they are needed when we have SwiXML (and others less Swing-coupled XML User Interface Languages) beats me. I think Hans is spot on in starting JSR 296, we need a simple application framework for desktop Java/Swing, and he is right that we need to be able to minimize coding by declarative grouping of properties. But a lot of this is already invented, and XML is objectively a better format that property lists; I hope the JCP leads them away from NIH and towards the adoption of SwiXML as their base technology.