Nintendo DS WiFi Service Going Live on Nov. 14

by Todd Ogasawara

Nintento announced its Nintendo WiFi Connection wireless service launches in the US on Nov. 14.

Nintendo Creates An Easy, Accessible Video Game Network - And It's Free

The press release mentions four upcoming Nintendo DS games that will be WiFi game-play enabled: Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing: Wild World, Metroid Prime Hunters, and Activision's Tony Hawk's American SK8Land.
Nintendo also announced it Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector that creates a Wireless Access Point for households that do not already have a WAP. It plugs into a computer plugged into a broadband connection and (presumably) creates a wireless bridge for the DS.

This will create interesting LAN policy management issues for parents as a potential horde of pre-teens discover real-time wireless web game-play from anywhere in a WiFi equipped house or free hot-spot.

Have a Nintendo DS (or, more likely, a pre-teen or teenager in your house with one)?