Nintendo Revolution Controller

by Dan Zambonini

During the last 6 months, there's been much speculation over the controller for Nintendo's next
games machine, the Revolution. All will be revealed soon, but until then, we're going
to have to guess. And given the stance Nintendo are currently taking in the gaming scene - that
games have become too complex, and that the entire family should be easily involved - I've
knocked up what I think the controller is probably going to look like:

height="258" border="0" alt="Possible design for Nintendo Revolution controller - a button" />

This would allow all ages to easily get to grips with the new wave of gaming. The simple, elegant
curves of the controller will immerse you in the next-generation games, including button bashing sports
simulations and some of the exciting launch titles, Morse Code Mania and George's Desk:
the Road to Annihilation
(which takes full advantage of the built-in rumble pack).


2005-09-17 07:06:07
cheers for wasting 5 minutes of my live with your hilarious comment on the nintendo controller.