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by Todd Ogasawara

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Nintendo launched their wireless LAN gaming information site recently. You can find it at:

The site has a locator for free hotspots (nearly every McDonalds in my area it seems), WiFi connection tips for both home and hotspots, troubleshooting tips, and information about DS games that are WiFi enabled.

Several Sony PSP games were WiFi ready from the start.
I wonder if promotion of free WiFi access with McDonalds, lower entry cost for the DS (not to mention higher sales), and younger clientele (grade school, pre-teen, teens) will generate more excitement for DS WiFi than I see for PSP WiFi (no partnered free hotspots that I know of).

What's next for the wireless DS space?


2005-12-11 23:47:18
Connecting a DS to a home WiFi
Someone emailed me with a question about connecting a Nintendo DS to a home WiFi LAN. You can find my response to this question on my personal site's mailbag section:

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