Nisus announces Writer Pro

by Giles Turnbull

Nisus Software has announced a new product, Nisus Writer Pro, which adds new features to the old Writer Express code.

These new features include line numbering, text wrap around images, tables of contents, and cross-referencing. Here’s a screenshot, the first of a gallery of screenshots that might interest you. Personally, I find that initial shot of the document window with all the palettes and drawers open a little off-putting - it’s a good idea to browse through the whole gallery, then you get a much clearer idea of how some of the new features work.

I say the software’s been announced, and it has, but at the moment there’s no clear date for an actual release. The Nisus guys say there might be a beta release soon, so if you happen to bump into any of them at Macworld, be sure to nag them about it.


Blurt alot
2007-01-08 07:25:32

Sorry for seeming incredulous - But is this a way to make extra cash out of Nisus Express users - without actually coming through with all the promised features for Express ?

IT Guy
2007-01-08 07:31:55
For those of us who remember the original Nisus "Amazing Word Processor" this is good news. The company has had a tough row to hoe, transitioning from a full-featured OS 9 product to a re-written OS X product. The original Nisus was truly amazing with best of breed foreign language support and the best text-editing capabilities in the business. Thanks to everyone who supported the Express product. Count me interested in the Pro version.
2007-01-08 08:37:02
Yes, please do nag them! :)
2007-01-09 02:30:06
Agree with IT Guy. I miss the old Nisus, even though I've got Express. Amazing what you could do with it on an SE30 ;-) Light years ahead of Word. And if they get this easily portable to Linux they could blow the Open Office word processor out of the water.