No Argument: What You're Doing for Halloween!

by Alan Graham

My favorite hobby as a child was sneaking down the stairs in the middle of the night to see all the HBO programming that I was generally not allowed to watch. On one such occasion I got to see every terrifying moment of Ridley Scott's Alien. That is, every terrifying moment I could bear to pry my fingers from across my eyes. And thus began a love affair with things that go bump in the night. Alien is everything that is good and fun about Halloween.

Very few filmmakers have the distinct honor of having created a whole new genre, and Ridley Scott has had two. This Halloween, do yourself a favor and go see the Director's Cut of Alien in the theater. That's right, digitally remastered and released just in time for Halloween...on the big screen. Two generations have never had the pleasure of seeing this film as it was meant to be seen...and even at 32, I expect I may pee myself.

So take some time this holiday to see the film that launched a thousand imitations.

Here's an interview with Ridley Scott on the new release.

Oh and I almost forgot...the man whose nightmares gave me nightmares...the creator of the Alien, H.R. Giger.

You're gonna go, right?


2003-10-15 08:14:23
I wouldn't miss it
Ridley Scott's Alien and Alan Parker's The Wall pretty much defined my adolescent film icons.

From a web viewpoint, I'm surprised that doesn't have some sort of theater-finder...