No Bloat Here: Microsoft Is Leaner than Wal-Mart

by Preston Gralla

Microsoft has been criticized as being bloated, with too many layers of bureacracy. Wal-Mart, on the other hand, has often been held up as a lean business machine. But an interesting new analysis holds that Microsoft is far more efficient than Wal-Mart.


2007-07-26 03:56:03
It helps too that most PCs come preinstalled with Windows. So even if Microsoft does no marketing, billions keeps coming in from all the PC makers. Enough to subsidize everything else that MS's employees makes, which, with the exception of Office and Windows, are mostly LOST-MAKING ventures.

Heck, even the disaster that is Vista, is destined to surpass other OSes in market share in a few months. And its not because people are buying Vista in droves to install over their XP machines, its because it comes by default on most new PCs.

I say most, since even MS stalwarts like Dell, continue to install XP because of the bloat and incompatibility problems of Vista. It even took the unprecedented step of offering Ubuntu as an alternative.

So it is unfair to compare MS to those other companies. In all those other companies, the consumer made a CONSCIOUS decision to patronize their product and services based on the merits. With MS, its the default choice.