No-frills Tiger

by Giles Turnbull

Three days after installing Tiger, I'm starting to feel quite comfortable in the new environment. I'm glad I made the decision to upgrade, and I think on the whole things are slightly better and faster than they were in Panther. Here are some random notes and thoughts.

  • Tiger runs pretty well on my 600MHz G3 iBook, with 640MB RAM. I'm surprised, but very pleased, that hardware this old can cope so well with a brand new OS. Anyone got Tiger running on any lower-spec machines?

  • I took a long look around what Dashboard has to offer, and decided that most of the time, I simply won't need it. There's only a few widgets that I imagine I might use often, such as the world clock and the converter. But the information they provide is easier and faster to find with my web browser, which is always open and doesn't require me to switch to a virtual desktop environment. It bothers me that widgets have to be viewed separately from everything else. And the security concerns have yet to be addressed.

  • Spotlight has not ousted Quicksilver as my main file and application launcher. That said, I've been using both for different purposes, and think they work just fine together. I've found myself using Spotlight to find stuff I've created in the last few hours, things that Quicksilver hasn't had a chance to index yet. Spotlight's instant update is very nice.

  • Automator is by far my favorite new feature. I've spent hours fiddling around, trying out ideas for new workflows. I'm really excited by the possibilities, especially once more third-party developers get round to releases their own Automator Actions.

  • Camino seems to have slowed to a crawl, even though I've downloaded the latest stable release, 0.8.4. I'm back with Firefox again for the time being, it seems to be behaving itself.

  • The Finder is working faster than in Panther, and Get Info panels are nice and swift (about time too!). As with Automator, I think Smart Folders are going to be really useful for me; so far, I've not spent enough time exploring them. I created one to find about a hundred photos scattered across my drive that had the wrong date (the camera had come back in time from the year 2016, just to take photos of that party!). That made it really easy to hunt down all the offending files and deal with them swiftly.

  • I've not seen any system crashes, although a few apps have frozen unexpectedly. Nothing terribly troublesome, though.

  • The Spinning Pizza of Doom is appearing more often than of late; I suspect this is something that will be dealt with in coming Tiger updates. Again, this has been occasional and not too annoying.

I consider my installation a 'no frills' one; I can't get rid of Dashboard, so I just choose to ignore it for the time being. On this G3 machine, the eyecandy isn't even very eye-catching, so I don't need to bother with it. I'm happy with Tiger and look forward to watching it develop and grow over the coming year.

Happy with Tiger?


2005-05-11 18:12:06
600 MHz? Lap of luxury.
I've got Tiger running on an original blueberry iBook, 300 MHz G3, 288 MB of RAM, whopping 3 GB of hard disk.

One of my clients has a G5 with more RAM than my iBook has disk.

2005-05-12 13:59:03
Widget Hosting
Not surprisingly, others feel the same way about widgets,

Personally, I moved all of the expose keys along, so that dashboard lives on F13, at the end of the main F key strip. Very easy to tap without looking.

2005-08-26 07:44:01
600 MHz? Lap of luxury.
How did you get Tiger to install on a your Blueberry iBook? I've got the Cd's but it says my computer isn't compatible with Tiger and won't continue with the installation.
2005-10-11 03:54:05
600 MHz? Lap of luxury.
I too have a blueberry iBook, but I can't load tiger on it. The first hurdle is that I have only a CD-Rom drive in it (salvaged from a busted Lime iMac after the original drive died). No matter, I can mount the disk by connecting to my G4 Cube, which does have a DVD drive (and runs Tiger brilliantly well). However when I click on the installer it says that it will not run on my iBook (not compatible).

How did you get over this hurdle ? (My iBook doesn't have firewire, has usb1.0 and one ethernet port.)


2006-03-19 05:51:54
Install tiger on a partition, clone that system with carbon copy cloner, make it an asr.dmg. Boot your ibook from an external harddisk (Macos x.3 or x.4); drag the dmg into the restore of diskutility. Drag the disk of your clamshell book in the pane (the tiger should be upper, the ibook disk lower). The click on restore and wait. After installing create a user. If something goes wrong after this, first boot from an install disk and repair permissions, this should do the trick.