Nokia 770: Our generation's Tri-corder/PADD?

by Todd Ogasawara

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet
is a Linux based handheld device (stylus input).
At 230 grams, it is lighter than the 280 gram Sony Playstation Portable.
Its LCD screen is a bit smaller at 4.13 inches vs the PSP's 4.3 inches.
It supports Bluetooth and both 802.11b/802.11g giving it a leg up on WiFi enabled PDAs that are 802.11b (at least the one's I know about).

The embedded application list looks good: Web browser, playback support for most of the popular formats (AVI, MPEG1/4, MP3 3GP, WAV, Real, etc.), note & sketch pad, etc.

The only question is when (if) it will hit the shores I live on (vs. only being available in Europe and Asia as so many of the cool devices are) and how much it will cost.
If it comes in under $600 ($499 would be the sweet spot, I think), it is something I definitely would consider buying.

Got more info on the Nokia 770? Let us know.

2005-05-27 11:44:04
The one thing they don't mention is what level of security it's wireless will support. Anything less than WPA and it will be a failure, just like the PSPs wireless.