Nokia and Series 60 Further Commit to SVG Tiny

by Antoine Quint

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The 3GSM World Congress has just started again in Cannes and this week sure will be packed with heaps of news about upcoming mobile phones, technologies and services. There have already been a couple of interesting announcements regarding the ever-expanding spread of SVG Tiny on mobile devices. Sony Ericsson kicked it all of by announcing two new SVG-equipped phones shipping later this year, adding to the numerous SVG handsets that Sony Ericsson already shipped in 2004.

Yesterday also saw Nokia introducing the main lines of the upcoming Series 60 version 3 platform. For those who don't already know, Series 60 is a very popular smartphone platform built on top of Symbian and shipped on phones from Nokia, Panasonic, Siemens Mobile, Samsung, Sendo and LG. Series 60 v3 will be built on top of Symbian 9, and some of the main focus points will be multimedia and location-based services. In order to support that vision, Series 60 v3 will pack up the JSR-226 APIs, allowing rendering, creation and manipulation of SVG Tiny contents. SVG is already rather popular in mapping circles and innovative location-based services based on SVG Tiny are rapidly appearing in Japan, with KDDI's Go SVG leading the pack. You can find more details about Series 60 v3 on the Nokia Forum.