Nokia E70 vs. iPhone

by Bruce Stewart

While it takes Nokia's marketing department to task, this rather off-color comparison of the E70 to the iPhone from maddox's The Best Page in the Universe has to be causing some smiles back in Finland. I'm having trouble finding a suitable passage to quote here on our family-friendly site, but suffice to say he really doesn't like the iPhone...


2007-09-02 10:48:11
Awesome article, very funny. He makes some good points. Not all of what Apple did in the iPhone was new or innovative. Sure, the user interface is revolutionary, it can only go so far in creating a compelling user experience, of which typing on a physical keyboard is a major component.

Great link, thanks for sharing.

2007-10-31 19:29:43
Thats because the iphone is a piece of shit. Simply stated. Apple managed to do with the iphone what they did with the ipod and advertise technology years old as "new and innovative" and suckers with thumbs up their asses buy it with out shopping around.
Alex Y
2008-05-18 21:45:53
Dave, did you not read above that this is a 'family friendly' site? Settle down! I agree with you however. I think you're right on the mark. I hate the iPod and I hate how they somehow managed to brainwash the world with it. Now people see an "m three p" player as a totally different device, when in reality it is the very same thing. And yes I meant to spell MP3 that way. They somehow believe that an iPod is far supperior than any MP3 player out there. Even if the player offered a built in GPS, browser, and The Matrix, all in one package, the iPod is far superior to them!