Nokia N95...Hot Potato...Dead Battery

by Aaron Huslage

I received a N95 from our friends at Nokia yesterday. At first glance, it's a gorgeous device, very similar in stature to the N80 that proceeded it, but a little thinner and a lot lighter. It comes with just about every bell and whistle imaginable and should work the world around.

I'll be testing this device and blogging about it and with it for a while to come, but suffice it to say that the 20 minutes I have played with it were fun indeed. Unfortunately, it came with a europlug equipped power supply and I, not being a big world traveler of late and living in the US, don't have any adapters handy. This did point out to me that the included USB port cannot be used to charge the device...bad Nokia. Once I procure said attachment and give the little powerhouse some juice, we'll see how well it handles.