Nokia NMC 2005 and my connected lifestyle

by Glenn Letham

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The transformation of course is in reference to Nokia now turning a new page. Just several weeks ago the company was boasting of the E series of devices. Officially launched this week (as we have all heard by now) is the N Series – a lineup of products that is breaking new ground.

So why the N Series? Putting the product announcements into context, Ollila described the company’s direction and how mobility is increasingly shaping our social interactions. Communication is now much easier and more affordable. A greater choice of devices and services are available and user experiences are being transformed by TV, video, and game playing which is enabled on mobile devices. Business too is increasingly mobilized with the enterprise user ever more dependant on access to email and corporate information. When you listen to Ollila you become increasingly more aware of how mobility is bringing us all closer. How mobile are we? Numbers tossed out in the welcome session indicate that we are well on our way to seeing some 3 billion mobile device users by the end of the decade. That number is expanding so fast that Nokia’s sales volumes are rising… this year, sales will be up 20% over last year to some 780 million units. For the consumer he boasts how ease of use and cost are still the main consideration and are responsible for driving uptake.

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