Nokia's WebCore/KHTML Browser

by Robert Daeley

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Now this is cool: has a story profiling Nokia's S60 webbrowser, which is based on the same foundations as Safari (not to mention many other WebCore apps):

We met with Roland Geisler, head of marketing and strategy for the S60 browser, and engineers David Carson & Guido Grassel. The S60 browser (which doesn't have a codename or a formal name) is based on Apple's WebCore technology which itself is based on KDE's KHTML engine. They told us that the Nokia team chose WebCore over Mozilla's Gecko for the exact same reason Apple chose KHTML over Gecko: much smaller in codesize, smaller cpu/memory needs and as Mr Carson pointed out "it was much easier to read the source code and understand it". The S60 browser supports javascript, plugins, frames and iframes, CSS and of course XHTML....

(via Slashdot)