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by M. David Peterson

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Life after email

As a social phenomenon, the end of email has been widely reported. The next generation doesn't use it. As a technical phenomenon, spam is a persistent threat. Spam's been a lot worse in the last couple of weeks (no doubt the reason I started thinking about these things); apparently the spammers have concocted a strategy that circumvents Bayesian filtering (it's only temporary, I'm sure, but the next victory in spam filtering is only temporary too). �

I've noticed the same phenomenon. It's getting really, *REALLY*, bad!

What's next? IM, Wikis, web forums instead of email? Bleh!


Maybe I'm just too old to learn new tricks, but I want correspondence pushed to me (or I want the appearance of push, anyway) and I want to read and edit it locally, in the application of my choosing, not in some browser form

Agreed. Too much effort. The solution must be seamless, and work with the tools we already use for email-esque communication. In fact, the solution has to be developed in such a way that those with an established position in the email client/server market(s) can quickly, easily, and as mentioned (and is really the key, in my own opinion) seamlessly integrate with these tools such that the "switch" from the existing technologies (e.g. SMTP, POP, IMAP, proprietary protocols such as those used in Exchange for advanced workgroup/corporate communication/collaboration, etc..) may not even require a switch at all (i.e. a driver that allows each of these technologies to easily interop with any of the new required protocols), and if it does, will be as transparent as possible to the customer/employee, etc... who will be using it.

It occurs to me that with a little work, Atom might function as a replacement for POP/IMAP and the Atom publishing protocol might replace SMTP. I can see a glimmer of how I might move forward while mostly preserving a couple of decades of work habits. As usual, the social problems are larger than the technical ones

Yep, completely agree! Through the work I have been doing with LLUP, I have come to my own conclusions that there are a few additional off-the-shelf pieces necessary to complete the puzzle, but without a doubt, Atom and APP are the key behind all of this.

In fact, this was a point I brought out to Eve (Maler) a while back when Russ and I first spoke with her about LLUP. There have been a few people along the way who have insisted that "you guys are taking too long to finish this up" or "if this really was so simple, why not just finish it out and be done with it" to which the answer, as mentioned to Eve, is pretty straightforward,


Asbjørn Ulsberg
2006-10-23 05:09:01
I and several other people in the ATOMPUB working group have had this idea since the early inception of Atom and it will work, I have no doubt about it. The largest obstacle is the existing infrastructure and the players in that field. If they (like Microsoft with Exchange) don't catch up and like this new way of sending and receiving e-mail, it will eventually fail.

We can of course hope that it will become so popular (like RSS) that they have no choice but to jump on the bandwagon, but I digress. I think the stakes in the existing market are so high and the process and infrasturucture around it so cemented that this new technology needs at least one huge player to push it forward for it to be successful. And I doubt that player will be Microsoft.

M. David Peterson
2006-10-31 11:46:09

Very cool! I agree with you 100%.

I'm not sure who it will be, but you are absolutely correct that this has to be done from a very high level for this to have any chance and/or hope of survival.

None-the-less, its worth giving it a shot. Some interesting developments as of late suggest that this could get fairly interesting fairly quickly. More of what I mean will be announced via this blog -- hopefully in the next few days, though will see where things end up.

Would *LOVE* to find your presence in the conversations taking place @ http://groups.google.com/group/llup

NOTE: Sorry for the delayed approval of your comment. Was buried quite deep inside of the "Junk" pile -- hopefully that will begin to work itself out, but for now I will continue digging for more buried treasure such as this.

Thanks again!

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