Norway about to fine Apple

by Erica Sadun

The Register reports that Norway's consumer ombudsman has ruled against Apple and iTunes. Apple has two weeks to make iTunes more consumer friendly. Apple must take responsibility for any damages created by the use of iTunes and must update its EULA to be governed by Norwegian law (currently it's regulated under the UK). Apple has two weeks to comply.


2006-06-08 12:07:23
Does anyone know if it usual in Norway's law that a software company takes responsibility for any damages created by the use their software? If not, this doesn't just affect Apple, but every software developer doing business in that country.
2006-06-08 12:59:14
Does this also apply to Windows DRM and terms of use?
2006-06-08 23:14:14
I'm sorry, but this is a load of steaming poo...
I was going to write a long rant about how Norwegian's demands on iTunes but lost the will to live half way through. At the end of the day, if Apple closed the Norway iTunes store, it would only be Norway's loss.

2006-06-09 18:27:47
Damages created by iTunes?
Saint Fnordius
2006-06-12 01:31:50
OK, I gather from the the article that the problem isn't DRM but the EULA. The actual software isn't at issue, but the terms and conditions clauses. Apple can't just shrug and say "tough" if iTunes corrupts other files due to a bug.

Due to the news of the past few days, it's easy to forget that iTunes and the iTunes Music Store are two different things. And from my reading of the article, it seems the council has also confused the two, as the article states that other download services are considered in violation.